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Electric Bicycles: Longer Distances, Less Time, Less Frequent Charging

Imagine exploring the over 700 miles of bike paths in Tucson, Arizona, the wind in your hair, the sun at your back and the mountains at the horizon. Or, picture the beautiful Rocky Mountains in your sights as you enjoy one of the over 300 days of annual sunshine allotted in this picturesque environment in Boulder, Colorado. Or, consider both, until of course you run out of steam and must cut your trip short.

Electric bicycles help to resolve this problem, proving to be a valuable asset to recreational bikers and commuters alike. There are a wide variety of electric bicycles available for purchase, offering features that escalate the traditional bicycle to an unprecedented level. This allows experienced bikers and everyday commuters alike to take advantage of this machinery, creating an environmentally friendly experience that is enjoyable for every commuter.

Extend Your Range

Even the best bikers know that fatigue is entirely possible, shortening the amount of time that you can enjoy your ride. When equipped with the right high-quality Ah Lithium battery, your electric bicycle can easily provide you with the extra energy you need, when you need it.

Many electric bicycles offer commuters countless benefits, from saving energy and time spent in traffic, to giving them the exercise that they sometimes miss out on due to hectic scheduling. Electric Bicycles offer riders three levels of pedal-assist functions. Therefore, when fatigue begins to set in, bikers can choose to take advantage of low, medium or high levels of assistance from a bicycle’s motor.

Get to Your Destination in Less Time, With Less Energy Output

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of investing in an electric bicycle is in the potential to use a small motor to get to your destination in less time than you would by using conventional transportation methods. Not only are vehicles costly in terms of gasoline and maintenance, but they also release harmful pollutants into the environment. Electric bicycles release a minute fraction of similar pollutants when the motor is being used, which isn’t all that often depending upon a rider.

Not only do you expend less energy on an electric bicycle, but you also use less energy with your motor too. Thus, an electric bicycle is more than just a transportation device, it is an investment that provides you with a durable, functional way to get around.

Reach Your Transportation Potential Today

The future of commuting in an environmentally-friendly and efficient manner lies in electric bicycles. For a sustainable, low-impact and versatile way to get to work and run all of your errands, invest in an electric bicycle today.

Learn To Love Exercising Again – The Electric Bike Fitness Advantage

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Using an Electric Bicycle for Rehabilitation

Exercise is a large component of many rehabilitation programs, helping to ease an individual back into a typical range of motion while facilitating cardiovascular health. Whether a person has had minor surgery, is experiencing complications with their general health or is simply seeking rehabilitative exercise to become healthy once again, electric bicycles are a unique option currently gaining popularity.

Bicycling is excellent for general health, providing a cardiovascular workout that improves a person’s overall functioning. However, many people find it intimidating to make the transition from a stationary bicycle to a traditional bicycle. Because progress is often slow, but steady, people often require a bicycle that has some power behind it to help give them peace of mind that they can in fact gradually increase the intensity of their workout. Electric bicycles offer an innovative solution to this dilemma, as they come equipped with a motor and functions that remove these concerns from bicycle exercise.

Functions that Supplement Your Needs

No matter the reason why you need rehabilitative treatment, electric bicycles are great for recreational riding, exercise or commuting. As you progress through your treatment, you may begin to recognize the numerous benefits and practical functionality of an electric bicycle in your life.

Of course, all electric bicycles come equipped with a motor. Higher-quality models, such as those offered by Cemoto Electric Bicycles, contain a 300-watt motor and a 36-volt Lithium Ah battery. This means that no matter where you ride, you have a long-lasting and powerful backup energy supply to aid your natural power when needed.

Additionally, Cemoto electric bicycles offer numerous functions that simplify pedaling and power output by harnessing your natural energy and making it more effective. Models such as the AEB-06 City Commuter and the AEB-03 Step-Thru both feature multiple level pedal-assist and power-on-demand functioning. This means that when using your electric bicycle for rehabilitation, you can utilize limited power from the motor or have the motor do all of the work for you.

Challenge Yourself With Newly-Found Confidence

Electric bicycles also allow you to push yourself harder during your rehabilitation. Instead of limiting yourself to flat, boring rides, you can explore mountain trails knowing that your bicycle possesses the power you need should you begin to struggle.

Cemoto electric bicycles in particular contain features not seen on similarly priced competitor’s models, allowing you to gradually increase your workout more efficiently than ever before. The smooth and efficient ride of a Cemoto bicycle means that you can venture out to more remote locations, optimizing the enjoyment that you receive out of each and every ride that you take on your electric bicycle.

Rehabilitation, Re-Use and Recycle

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing an electric bicycle for your rehabilitation is the future use that you get out of your investment. Electric bicycles are over 10 times more energy efficient than traditional sport utility vehicles and sedans, making your commute to work or errands easier and quicker than ever before.

As one of the few durable, versatile and functional investments that you can make, choose a Cemoto electric bicycle today for features, quality standards and affordability that are unprecedented in this industry.

Climbing hills on a bike ain’t easy, but it certainly should be

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Big Hills and Electric Bicycles: No Sweat, No Problems

From the neighborhoods of San Francisco, California, to the suburban oasis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, major hills are lurking around each and every turn. Of course, this can pose challenges to commuters looking for alternative ways in which to get to work. However, new technological innovations are quickly overcoming these difficulties, allowing individuals more than ever to opt for untraditional means of transportation.

One emergent technology is in the form of electric bicycles, such as those offered by Cemoto Electric Bicycles. These high-quality bicycles maximize efficiency and durability by providing an environmentally conscious and inexpensive way to make your daily commute, regardless of how many hills stand between you and your destination, another routine task. Therefore, you can commute confidently with an electric bicycle, knowing that no matter how tired you may get, there is a powerful motor on board to help you reach your destination.

Small Motor, Big Power

Many electric bicycles available today pack a big punch for the motor that they come with. For example, Cemoto Electric Bicycles produces models such as the AEB-04 Ladies Commuter and AEB-03 Step-Thru, both of which come standard with a 300-watt motor. While small, this motor is anything but insignificant. It can help to facilitate movement when your muscles begin to fatigue, allowing you to navigate hills both large and small on your commute with great ease.

Some more costly Lithium powered bikes come with smaller, 200-watt motors that are less powerful and therefore less useful should your commute entail many hills. In contrast, Cemoto bicycles come equipped with more powerful motors and features that maximize the results you can feel. With power-on-demand and pedal-assist mode that ranges from low to high, you can commute with your electric bicycle knowing that you can conquer any obstacle that you encounter during your trip.

No Perspiration Workouts for Those Short on Time

Commuting takes up a significant portion of most people’s daily routines. Before the advent of the electric bicycle, this time was spent sitting in traffic, wasting precious time that could be spent doing other, more valuable tasks. Prior to the availability of electric bicycles, many people falsely believed that they had no options for commutes over long distances, or over more challenging landscapes. However, this has changed due to increasing availability of the electric bicycle.

Now, you can commute with confidence with an electric bicycle. By riding a bike to work, you can integrate exercise back into your healthy lifestyle both to and from your job. Of course, this leaves many people thinking that they will turn up to work either dripping with sweat or uncomfortable at the very least. However, with valuable pedal-assist mode and power-on-demand, an electric bicycle is responsive to your needs, amplifying your energy output to avoid excessive perspiration when you’re commuting to work.

Commute for Less Money, While Reaping Valuable Health Benefits

If you feel as if your health is compromised by limited time in the gym and maximum time spent on the road, an electric bicycle, like those offered by Cemoto, may be the solution that you’ve been looking for. With a sleek design and functionality that makes your everyday commuting a breeze, you can transform your daily travels and health when you decide to invest in an electric bicycle.

They’re Safe, They’re Fun, They’re Eco-Friendly & More


Electrically Powered, Environmentally Friendly

In very trendy areas of the United States, the green initiative rages strong. From California, to the East Coast and beyond, more and more individuals are growing tired of consuming massive amounts of gasoline and spewing pollution by driving to work and other places day in and day out.

Following green initiatives from Europe and other global entities, Americans are becoming increasingly interested in reducing their carbon footprint in ways that still make practical sense for their lives.

Electric bicycles are one of the most prominent solutions that have emerged, allowing commuters in major cities to quickly and efficiently follow their daily routine while leaving their vehicles parked in the driveway. Continue reading →

Electric Bikes provide sustainable transportation over time without the hassle of paperwork


Purchasing any vehicle can be exciting, regardless of what kind of car it may be. License fees, titles and other legal requirements complicate this enthusiasm, requiring additional money and hassles when purchasing and maintaining your vehicle.

With so many hidden costs, individuals from the rolling hills of San Francisco to the fast-paced city life of New York City have begun to seek out alternative transportation that still maintains the practicality of a traditional motor vehicle.

Electric bicycles, such as those offered by Cemoto Electric Bicycles, help to avoid the red tape associated with traditional automobile ownership. These bicycles are not considered to be vehicles through a legal perspective, reducing costs typically associated with different forms of transportation. Additionally, they are an investment that can pay off over time, allowing you to sell your bicycle should you ever want a newer model. Continue reading →